• Being nominated is an honor - winning is better

  • The Cannonbird Run II, Fredericksburg, TX

  • A fresh interior like the original but better

  • The classics never go out of style

  • A classic in its natural habitat

  • 2013 Jackson Street Car Show - our car front and center on the t-shirt

  • Feel free to ask us about the restoration at car shows

  • Cruising in style to Port Mansfield, TX

  • Best Muscle Car Award - February 2012 in Mission, TX

  • The new paint job turns heads

  • Transforming from ugly duckling to swan

  • The full tour

  • Special delivery

  • We are so honored

  • A lot of love went into restoring

  • The new top is the icing on the cake

  • A labor of love

  • A great car for a cruise any day of the week

  • This car is as beautiful on the inside as the outside

  • McAllen Car Fest 2012 - Best in Class Award of Excellence

  • Mission Classic Car Show, won Best Muscle Car

  • It would be fun to test horsepower against the horses

  • A throwback to an earlier decade

  • At Chik-Fil-A in Harlingen, TX on December 15,2012

  • With Hildago, TX Mayor John D. Franz and his wife Annett

  • 2011 Cannonbird Run in Fredericksburg, TX

1968 Pontiac Firebird 400 Convertible, 4 speed -- A Father/Daughter Project

This car represents a three year restoration project with our daughter Vikki Papesh, who lives in the Detroit, Michigan area, acting as the project's chief engineer and chief mechanic. Our car was purchased on Ebay and shipped from California to a storage locker near Vikki's home while restoration plans were being developed. The snow finally melted and we drove the car from the storage locker to Vikki's home and began the disassembly process. After disassembly, the major components went to experts in their field, ie. media blasting, engine builder, transmission shop, body and paint, radiator shop, etc. While those assemblies were being worked on, Vikki and I started on the remaining hundreds of components and assemblies. Everything was evaluated and either cleaned, media blasted and painted, powder-coated or re-chromed; tested for function and repaired or replaced, as required. The suspension and steering components were rebuilt or replaced; the brake lines and brake components, the wiring, fuel lines and fuel tank, exhaust, windshield, convertible top and tires were replaced. The interior was returned to original by Vikki with new carpeting, seat upholstery, sun visors and dash pad. Vikki completed the final assembly and with fifteen miles on the car she drove it, with her husband following in the family car, from Michigan to Harlingen, Texas for registration in Texas before driving it to Fredericksburg, TX for a national Firebird event. The maiden trip was 1670 miles in two days, with the universal joints having to be replaced alongside a freeway in Indiana, and followed up with a drive to Fredericksburg with tours through the beautiful Texas Hill Country, wine tasting and car show.



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